The Low-code Enterprise
Application Builder platform is a perfect fit for internal business applications like CRMs, ERPs, HR tools, Helpdesks and others. It provides fastest and most efficient way for full company digitalization.

Low-code Development

Simple and fast development of business ideas with our low code development platform.

Utilize built-in features like UI logic, workflows or events with minimum programming effort.

Help center with tutorials and samples for easy on-boarding of developers.

Programming Flexibility

Our platform will not limit you when you need something advanced or custom. Utilize full .NET 5 platform and C# language as with regular development.

Platform keeps your definitions and code organized to simplify building complex applications.

Easy Integrations

Your applications can provide REST APIs for easy integration with other systems. Platform generates OpenApi definitions for you. Applications are often used as a backend for SPAs and mobile apps.

Connect to any external service as you would normally do in C#.

Modern Applications

Applications come in a form of web portals.

Your business applications are mobile friendly with swift user interface. Enjoy performance of well-optimized code behind the scenes.

Security on All Levels

Development on our platform is safe and error-proof as the platform provides whole architecture out-of-box.

Legal Compliance

Build-in legal compliance. Platform can do automatically anonymize personal or sensitive data and provide GDPR reports.

Automatic Data Backup

Utilize our automatic data backup for your databases and documents.

Unified Monitoring

Oversee performance and resource consumption of your applications.

See problems in your applications on one place and easily escalate platform issues to us

One-click Deployment

We support both cloud and on-premises environments.

We take care of all the infrastructure complexity and deployment processes even for high-availability scenarios.


Kickstart your development with existing application templates from AppNow or other developers.

Sell applications you made on AppNow Marketplace

You'll be in good hands

Tailored onboarding

Onboarding that’s unique to your company and team goals.

Flexible pricing

Fastest and most efficient way for company digitalization with no hidden fees.

Priority support

Receive dedicated support and guidance from our specialized team.