Product Description

Applications platform produces whole working web applications. Applications are standalone .NET 5 web applications with CQRS architecture and their own database.


Developers define applications through administration portal. Application definition is called application package and consists primarily from:

  1. Database entities
  2. User interface description
  3. Business logic definition
  4. Custom code and integrations

Platform supports versioning and branching of packages in a familiar git - like way.

Infrastructure & deployment

Every application package can be deployed into number of individual instances (typically Dev/Production/Feature instances).

All applications run in Docker containers for maximum security and isolation. Platform also supports on-premises deployments (linux or windows executables).

Key concepts

Data model and storage

Define data entities in visual data model designer.

Multiple inheritance via shared aspects for great data and logic reusability.

The platform handles all database management tasks, even migrations between application versions.

Applications use SQLite database backend with custom transactional layer. This allows us to simplify deployment and distribute load in horizontally scaled scenarios.

Programming model

As a programmer, you have C# language and full .NET 5 platform at your fingertips. Use your own DLL assemblies, or add NuGet package through embedded NuGet search interface.

Administration provides full coding experience with code suggestions, method signatures and documentation helpers. All changes in definitions are immediately available in a code.

Platform provides various internal APIs for developers. For example:

  1. INQ for Database entities
  2. Application API (configuration and features, security claims, content templates, embedded resources,...)
  3. Document API for document attributes that allows you to attach new files or access individual revisions.

User interface

Platform provides a set of ready made components for your applications. From simple fields, to complex components like datagrids, kanban boards, graphs and more.

Use declarative code expressions to configure components and to implement desired behavior. Then we take care of interpreting the expressions on a frontend, resolving dependencies and more.

Development effectivity

Build-in features like

  1. Workflows
  2. Document management
  3. Fulltext search
  4. API endpoints
  5. Security roles and permissions
  6. and more

Save huge amount of dev work on every application project. Developer just need to simply configure a feature and it works out-of-box.

Administration further automates many development tasks to greatly increase development speed.