for Architects
and CTOs

Use our platform to consolidate all company applications and boost productivity of your team.

Consolidate. Be productive. Sleep well

Connect all your applications together with our simple and transparent app integration feature. Forget about building complex APIs. Everything works our of box. Monitor and manage everything from single administration.
Security on All Levels
Development on our platform is safe and error-proof as the platform provides whole architecture out-of-box.
Enterprise-Grade Scalability
The platform automatically builds a failover cluster for you when you enable high availability mode.
Automatic Data Backup
Utilize our automatic data backup for your databases and documents.
Unified Monitoring
Setup notifications for your team to know instantly if anything happens.
Source Code Management
Our source code management allows you to do everything you are used to. Manage code releases, do forks and merges between branches.
One-click Deployment
Our deployment process allows you to spin up multiple instances of your applications each with different version and configuration.

Stay Away From the Boring and Focus on Business

Shift your focus from technicalities of development to your customers and their business needs. Utilize build-in business tools like workflows, document management or excel exports.
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Tailored onboarding

Onboarding that’s unique to your company and team goals.

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Fastest and most efficient way for company digitalization with no hidden fees.

Priority support

Receive dedicated support and guidance from our specialized team.