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Develop new applications faster than ever before

Our platform is perfect fit for building custom business applications and intranet portals. It allows you to deliver company process digitalization and automation in a fraction of time and effort.

AppNow platform is often used for building CRM/ERP systems or for backoffice apps.

Build your backend for other client-facing applications (mobile, SPAs) in no time.

Effortless C# development

Build complex and powerful applications without any hassle.

Keep flexibility of full .NET platform while you utilize architecture, infrastructure and build-in features of our platform. Add any NuGet package or your own DLL library.

Forget about boring and repetitive tasks. Forget about writing javascript UI components and stitching everything together. AppNow handles everything for you.

Focus on business

Shift your focus from technicalities of development to your customers and their business needs.

Utilize build-in business tools like workflows, document management or excel exports.

Deliver new features within hours instead of weeks.

Integrate with anything

Your applications can provide REST APIs for easy integration with other systems. Platform generates OpenApi definitions for you.

Applications are often used as a backend for SPAs and mobile apps.

Connect to any external service as you would normally do in C#.

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